We believe pain shouldn’t control your life.

At Peak Chiropractic, we know you want to live an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Unfortunately, like many people in your situation, pain is keeping you from living life to your full potential. This has you feeling frustrated with no hope for the pain to go away.

We believe you shouldn’t have to experience pain when going through normal, everyday activities. After all, you deserve the life you want to live, not one controlled by pain and discomfort.

For the last 25 years, we’ve helped people in your situation get rid of their pain naturally.

If you’re ready to feel like yourself again, give us a call to set up your initial assessment. We accept multiple insurance providers and have flexible payment options, a friendly staff, and convenient hours to help you get back to doing the things you want to do.

It’s time to stop living life at half your potential! Let us help you be you without the pain.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Leif Lensgraf, D.C.

For the last 25 years Dr. Leif Lensgraf, D.C. has been treating patients putting smiles back on their faces. Hundreds of patients have given testimonials and praised the warm manner in which they have been treated, and the pain relief they have experienced from their care with Dr. Lensgraf, and those working for him.

Dr. Derrick Lensgraf, D.C.

Dr. Derrick Lensgraf, D.C. is a chiropractic physician at Peak Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon. He is a 4th generation chiropractor specializing in McKenzie Mechanical diagnosis and treatment for functional healthcare. Dr. Derrick and the previous generations of his great grandfather, grandfather, and father all graduated from Palmer college of chiropractic.

Dr. Aaron Amidei, D.C.

After graduating from high school, Dr. Aaron Amidei, D.C. set his sights on becoming a chiropractor. Having seen friends and family members benefit from chiropractic care, Dr. Amidei thought being a chiropractic physician was a worthwhile choice. In fact, he felt almost like chiropractic was made for him!

Who would you be without pain?

Let us help you start living your life at full physical potential.